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24/7 Service - Our experienced technicians are always available to assist you and meet your needs.

What we do for you

We offer you several complementary quality services to ensure a good maintenance of your thermal power station.

Maintenance de centrale thermique Gestherm
surveillance périodique-Gestherm

Our stationary engineers take care of the periodic monitoring of all your HVAC systems.

centrale thermique Gestherm
entretien et maintenance-Ecowaterlab

If repairs or maintenance are required, our technicians will advise you on the best solutions and implement them quickly.

Surveillance périodique MMF Gestherm

Need manpower for a short, medium or long term? We will find you qualified personnel who are experts in their field.

Traitement d'eau MMF
traitement eau-Gestherm

We offer a complete range of alternative products for green and innovative water treatment as well as conventional products. 

Periodic monitoring

surveillance périodique-EcowaterlabOur stationary machinery mechanics are ready to meet all your needs, whether it's a one-off, monthly or even weekly visit.

surveillance périodique-EcowaterlabThey provide you with the necessary skills for an optimal operation of your thermal power plant.

surveillance périodique-EcowaterlabOur team is trained to offer you the best maintenance plans based on your needs and budgets.

surveillance périodique-EcowaterlabOur stationary engineers are trained to provide mechanical and thermodynamic diagnostics.

surveillance périodique-Ecowaterlab Our MMFs work on all the systems of a thermal power plant: water tower, closed network, steam boiler, hot water boiler and cooling tower

surveillance périodique-Ecowaterlab24/7 service

Chaudière à vapeur Gestherm

Services and maintenance of thermal power plants

entretien et maintenance-EcowaterlabValve installation / pump replacement

entretien et maintenance-EcowaterlabPipe repairs

entretien et maintenance-EcowaterlabWater softeners

entretien et maintenance-EcowaterlabDescaling of steam and hot water boilers

entretien et maintenance-EcowaterlabDisinfection of cooling systems

entretien et maintenance-EcowaterlabVideographic inspections

entretien et maintenance-EcowaterlabBoiler boiling

entretien et maintenance-EcowaterlabCreation/update of RBQ records as required exigences

Personnel Placement

recrutement-GesthermNeed assessment (agreement short/medium/long term)

recrutement-GesthermSearch for qualified candidates (Class 4B to 1A) 

recrutement-GesthermWorkforce Placements under the Stationary engineer Act (Schedule C)

recrutement-GesthermPeriodic Facility Monitoring

recrutement-GesthermConditional monitoring 

recrutement-GesthermPeriodic monitoring

recrutement-GesthermInterrupted monitoring

recrutement-GesthermContinuous monitoring 

Surveillance periodique MMF
Surveillance périodique MMF

Water treatment

Ce que nous faisons pour vousGreen solutions offered for water treatment (Range Ecosteam purified tannins)

traitement eau-Gestherm Decrease of the extra water (make-up) 5 to 20%.

traitement eau-GesthermImprovement of thermal efficiency.

traitement eau-GesthermReduction of fossil fuel consumption by 1 to 5%.

traitement eau-GesthermReduction of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) by 1 to 5%.

traitement eau-GesthermDecrease of this fact, of the additional costs.

Ce que nous faisons pour vousConventional chemical products 

traitement eau-GesthermNitrites

traitement eau-GesthermAmines

traitement eau-GesthermSulfites

traitement eau-GesthermCorrosion inhibitor

Ce que nous faisons pour vousFilters and reagents available

Ce que nous faisons pour vousWater treatment equipment (Tanks, filtration and retention tanks)

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